Imagine if you could travel anywhere in Australia with your horse, knowing that where you stay has safe equestrian facilities, gives you a good night sleep and welcomes you into the heart of the local horse community.

We did!

Our thought was, what if we offered a service where horse riders and owners could stay on properties? Their “home away from home”. We know there are so many properties across Australia that would make this happen.

Horse Shed ‘n’ Bed links equestrians to property owners, allowing them to search, select, book and pay for the use of a wide range of horse properties, with facilities that meet their needs – From the top professionals to the amateur and pleasure riders. Knowing that equestrians also need access to other local services, Horse Shed ‘n’ Bed provides information on requirements such as veterinarians, farriers, produce stores, saddleries etc.

Most importantly, we wanted to make participation in equestrian events available to riders across Australia – No more “too far to travel”, or getting up at 4am for a clinic, or sleeping in the back of a smelly, uncomfortable, cold horse float, or worse still, the anxiety of a stressed horse!

Welcome to Horse Shed ‘n’ Bed………”Stay Safe, Ride Well”